Books and covers and judgment, oh my!

I’ve been accused of being an optimist. Not often, but still. 

More frequently, I’ve been accused of being a pragmatist. A nerd. An over-thinker or an incessant analyst. 

Yea…that sounds more like it. 

So I have this issue with the “optimism” argument: asking me if a glass is half full or half empty, implies that I am happy to assess the glass with no other understanding of its circumstance. 

Was it full and someone has drank half of it? That’s half empty. 

Was it empty and someone stopped pouring halfway through? That’s half full. 

To look at something and claim you know what it is, without being aware of where it came from or how it got that way, is simply shortsighted, and in some cases, offensively over-confident. 

I try not to judge books by their covers. Every glass I encounter will be, at some point in its life, occasionally half full or half empty. 

And if you know me, glasses don’t stay either way for long. 


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