The body for ballet

A girl I know–who unrelatedly happens to inspire the next tattoo I want–recently shared this article about Misty Copeland, and the headline resonated deeply with my own personal experience.

Misty Copeland: you have the wrong body for ballet

I read “You have the wrong body for ballet” and I felt a deep, wrenching sadness in my gut that I hadn’t felt in well over a decade.

I was a dedicated ballerina from age 5 to 18. I was told my professional aspirations would go nowhere because I did not fit the traditional aesthetic (I was taller than the boys when I was en pointe). The other girls in my company used to make fun of the muscle definition in my arms and legs.

The article on Misty proved to be an interesting read, and an honest look at the reality of body image in the world of dance.

Demented body image doesn’t just come from Cosmo and Calvin Klein. For every Misty Copeland, there are 100 other girls who simply move on from their dream and try to find something else.

I’m not the professional dancer I once dreamed of being. But I’m a strong woman following a dream, just like Misty. And if you take my Krav Maga classes, you might just sometimes catch me dancing in the corner.